Halloween Costume contest and Paper chase

We will be holding a fun-filled Halloween themed event that will start promptly at 10am. The day will begin for those that sign up with a Halloween themed paper chase. A paper chase is a game/competition where teams navigate an obstacle or trail simulating hounds chasing a hare. Advanced groups will be timed while beginner groups will merely be scored on teamwork, navigation and control. 

We will have different levels for all riders to be able to participate, points will be based on the levels and will be explained the day of the event. Students can sign up as groups/teams of 2 OR we can assign teams if you do not have a partner to sign up with. No worries, everyone will have a partner!!

After the event around 2 pm we will be having Halloween festivities where we will hold a costume contest, more games on horseback and a cook out to just have fun!

We cant wait to see you there!

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